CDR: Waldsonne [2005]

Durch Den Nebel
Ewige Bewegung
Woodland Song

Hailing from Russia, Waldsonne's first release, "Strahl", is a demo that preludes a full length release currently in production, and for a self-released taste of what is to come their debut album anticipates great things from this introspective medieval-folk act. Comprised of the same lineup of the dark neofolk group, Neutral, who released well-received and produced studio and live albums, Waldsonne take a more relaxed charm than in their previous incarnation.

Mandolin improvisation eddies like harpsichord to the warm tones of languid acoustic guitars with skylights of heartfelt violin dovetailing the measured mix. The breathy vocals of Veronika Martynova laze jazz like despite the medieval strength of each track, finding plentiful moment to express tender and stirring passion. The production quality is of a high fidelity that was found on Neutral's studio album and the demo CD is lovingly presented, in forest green texture card slip, rough grained and stamped in print with slipcase insert and sigil imprinted disc. While only a short ten minutes, Waldsonne show a more pensive output with their new direction since Neutral, one of potential.



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