CD: Steinklang SK7-20 [2006]
Ltd x 1000

Painslut: This Is My War
Dresden 45: Breath On Me
DVT: A Line Of Victims Of The Fire
Thorofon: U.S.Urper
Thorofon: Infect Us
Neuropathic Force Feedback: Experiment IV
Operation Julmond: Burn The World
Irikarah: Get On Your Knees
Geneviève Pasquier: Lines
Geneviève Pasquier: Soldiers
Stahlwerk 9: De Profundis

Vinyl. The last bastion of the true record connoisseur. These individuals have never taken to the new fangled CD medium. Fuck it, they even turned their snotty noses up at cassettes when they were the "next big thing". Maybe if I still had a record player I could have some empathy with these people, but I don't, and I don't. Get with the times. Go with technology. These fuckers though are stuck in the past. Living the dream that no longer exists as it once was. Gone is the record shop in every town and village. Gone are the huge racks of vinyl that took up tons of shop room space. Gone is that unique smell that only pristine vinyl had. Gone the hours of gazing longingly at the sleeve art. For the most part anyhow. Now (God help us) there seems to be a vinyl revival. One to make these self satisfied fuckers smile a knowing smile. And in a way I'm envious. Because labels, the popular and the obscure, are now putting out limited editions solely on vinyl and I'm fucking missing out. Damn them one and all. Acts I collect are no longer in my reach. Being a tight cunt I'm fucked if I'll buy a record player for the odd one or twenty vinyl releases I so desire and need. So I do without and grit my teeth.

Help though is at hand. Well, from one label of renown anyway. Steinklang Records have been releasing limited 7 inch vinyl singles by a diverse and motley group of artists which have appealed to the serious collectors market. These releases fetch the usual stupid money on auction sites the world over whenever some idiotic fuckwit decides to sell them on. However, with the Zyklus 1 CD release they managed to bring those first, hard to find, singles together for the pleasure of a wider, wiser audience. And here's volume 2.

Taking in SK7-11 to SK7-19 the artists appearing are: Painslut, Dresden 45, DVT, Thorofon, Neuropathic Force Feedback, Operation Julmond, Irikarah, Genevieve Pasquier and Stahlwerk 9. Take a moment to peruse that list of acts. Drooling yet? I was. Embarrassing I have to admit. And a bit messy. That's why God created the washing machine. And women to operate them. Genre wise the breakdown looks something like this: Painslut - power electronics, Dresden 45 - ditto, DVT - ditto, ditto, Thorofon - experimental noise and other good shit that just MUST be heard - pity this act is now defunct, NFF - power electronics, Operation Julmond - Industrial rhythms and electronics, Irikarah - old school Industrial with a sharp cutting edge, Genevieve Pasquier - electro / post Industrial hybrid that is the star of this compilation (and deservedly so) and finally Stahlwerk 9 - awesome in the way only Stahlwerk 9 can be.

Clever people that Steinklang Records are they‚ve even dressed the CD up to look like a piece of vinyl, just as they did with the Zyklus 1 release, in keeping with the whole 7 inch record vibe. They even enclose it in card to look like a 7 inch record sleeve. Double fucking clever. The music is, as to be expected, incredibly powerful and beyond reproach in every aspect making it one of the better compilations out at the moment that will pander to collectors and lovers of fine music everywhere. I‚m overjoyed by this second helping of 7 inch bliss that would normally have passed me by. You will be too.

As for those vinyl purists, at least my CDs won't warp and suffer from crackle and hiss like yours will. Bet that wipes the shit eating grin from their self satisfied faces once and for all.



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