CD: Autarkeia ACD007 [2005]
Ltd x 900

Frozen Faces "dull days among the sheeps"
Traur Zot "horse heads attack"
Con-Dom "michael"
Frozen Faces "more !!!"
Deutsch Nepal "neris of tears"
Hazard "wrapped in plastic" remix
Janitor "the curse of the three lipped man"
The Grey Wolves "religion"
Traur Zot "krazuu lietuva part 1"
Wejdas "neomenija 3"

This compilation is dedicated to the second Nordic Audio Modern Industrial music festival which was held on 7 May 2005. Going by a review of the gig on the Autarkeia website it seemed like a whole load of fun was had by one and all. Lucky bastards. The groups appearing were some of the more better known and critically acclaimed acts currently inhabiting the planet and gives a feeling for what the majority of us missed. Taking the role call from the CD and not the actual order of appearance at the festival we have music from: Frozen Faces, Traur Zot, Con-Dom, Deautsch Nepal, Hazard, Janitor, The Grey Wolves and Wejdas. The tracks are either live pieces / remixes / exclusives with Frozen Faces and Traur Zot contributing two tracks whilst everyone else gets just the one. Let the show begin.

Decision time. Do I go over each individual track or just go for a summary? The summary wins out here…not because I’m too lazy to write mind…but because if I go in too deep you’ll know what to expect and that will spoil the whole experience for you. And we don’t want that do we?

"Fuck the Modern World"…hot shit title…is a compilation mixing early Industrial music theatre with soothing dark ambience and some good old fashioned noise. Look at the artists involved and figure out who contributes what. If you can’t work it out go into the corner with the dunces cap upon your head. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to report that there isn’t one bum track on the whole CD. Everyone contributes pieces that are a seedy pleasure to saviour and indulge in with not one act overly claiming the limelight from the others.

As compilations go "Fuck the Modern World" is up there with the best of the best. A great amongst the greatest. A compilation trimmed of fat and indulgent nonsense with enough variety to uphold the interest throughout its playing time. A rare thing indeed. It easily matches, or surpasses in places, similar releases and is a great induction to acts you may not be readily familiar with. That last bit was for those of you currently staring at a blank wall. Numptys. Buy this and "Swarm" [read review here] and you’ll not need to buy another compilation this year. "Fuck the Modern World"…I’ll second that motion.



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