CD: Somnambulant SOM001 [2004]

Exsanguinate: Julius Caesar, dictator
Tugend: Augustus
Murderous Vision: Tiberius
Bestia Centaur: Gaius (Caligula)
Post Scriptvm: Claudius
The Great Despisers: Nero
Survival Unit: "Year of Four Emperors" (Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian)
Önd: Titus
Axone: Domitian
Marspiter: Epilogue (Ultor)

Ten tracks coalesce the growing puissance in this release of the Somnambulant (Corpse, no longer) label that has built a foundation of high-quality dark ambient, noise, power electronics/death industrialism CDR's.

Crumbling the verdigris of old, the artists (including the collaboration between Axone/Marspiter: The Great Despisers) explore; 'A psychoacoustic investigation of "The Twelve Caesars" as immortalized by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus. From Julius (49 BC) to Domitian (96 AD)'. By aural legerdemain a banquet of one-hundred fourty-five years is prepared for macabre feast, or at the very least, the illusion thereof. Somnambulant breaks the barriers of 'Various Artist'/Compilation by the utilization of the aforementioned theme, and while each track is markedly different from one another, the underlying capaciousness for the gluttony, sadism, and violence is replete in all figureheads. Unsettling and crowded the tracks waver incessantly in cachinnations of broken fragmental samples, dancing lewdly as they flitter to the surface like memories and instances of each Caesar's life, rarely sustaining for long bursts before the bacchanalian orgies drag down each moment. While drones do sustain passages of the music, overall it is chaotic sonic sculptures smashed upon one another that deliver such a potent mix. Without doubt an unrecognized prodigious hubris carries the aquiline roman figureheads into a new error of oppression and orgy.

A professionally duplicated disc, silk screened in jewel case with four page colour booklet come packaged with a series of five heavy-stock card printed with the graphite portraits of the Caesars by Chris Donovan (approximately 8x5 inches).



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