CD: Sun Ship Records SUN50 / Back Bacon / Little Mafia / Nihilist / Roggbif [2005]

Renault Cabriolet
Miami Pussy
French Kiss
Je T'Aime Mon Amour
Such A Beauty
Only Me
My Knife Was Never Sharp
Come Together
I Want You
Just Pretend (Where Is My Knife)
In Her Clutches
You Can't Escape Me...

What…the…fuck…is…this! What…the…fuck…is…going…on…here! Should I be fucking laughing? Should I be fucking crying? The only thing I know for certain is that ‘We Would Be Happy’ is the most fucked up recording that I’ve heard since the Menstruation Sisters classic ‘Ma’ release.

Here’s the premise. Take the following well renowned noise acts: Cock E.S.P, Costes, Lasse Marhaug, K.K Null, Richard Ramirez and Smell & Quim and get them to send their material back and forth to each other, to generally fuck around with, then put it all into a modern style opera with the story, if you can call it that, being told by male and female protagonists. The result is either an insult to your intelligence or an era defining moment in music that pushes the boundaries of noise and avant-garde even closer together. I’ll let you know which side of the fence I’m on at the end of the review.

Those of you already acquainted to the talents of Cock E.S.P and cohorts will naturally be slavering at the thought of another slab of obnoxious sonic abuse but even this release may surprise you. Newbies on the other hand may find the hardcore thrusting noise too stomach churning to take. In fact "We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera" is probably the first recording where the title alone would suffice for a review. Lazy yes…but it sums up everything in one neat line. A narrative about rape, love, balls sliced off…and donuts set to excessive holocaust blasts of cacophony is not the easiest of listens at the best of times. Challenging doesn’t start to describe it. You will not believe how fucking so far out there this is until you hear it for yourself. If the Residents took tons of acid then developed Tourettes Syndrome and started playing extreme music even they couldn’t come up with an opus like ‘We Would Be Happy…A Noise Opera’. Think about that if you will. Then when that mental picture fades you will instinctively know whether this recording is for you.

"We Would Be Happy - A Noise Opera" isn’t a walk on the wild side…it’s a fucking marathon. But I laughed. I cried out laughing. I must be as fucked in the head as the artists concerned. Fucking marvellous off kilter stuff.


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