CD: EE Tapes 07 [2005]
Ltd x 525

Shifts: Vertonen 19
Mnortham: Moth Tongue
Oren Ambarchi: Bank Account Blues
Azymbol: Dementia
Seth Nehil: Knotknit
Eric Lanzillotta: Furtive Skulking
Fear Falls Burning: His Own In Grim
Af Ursin: Kydsak
Yannick Dauby: Sanguine
Felix Kubin: Achter De Schermen
Acid_Soma: Fully Working
Contagious Orgasm: Let's Go Actively This Week

This is a compilation which features tracks by (hang on now, there are a lot of them):

Af Ursin (BE) – Oren Ambarchi (AUS) – Contagious Orgasm (JP) – Yannick Dauby (FR) – Fear Falls Burning (BE – aka vidnaObmana) – Felix Kubin (DE – aka Felix Knoth) – Eric Lanzillotta ( USA – ex-Anomalous Records) – Mnortham (USA) – Seth Nehil (USA) – Shifts (NL – aka Frans de Waard) and absolute newcomers Acid_Soma (GR) and Azymbol (BE).

Limited to 525 copies, this is the third and last release in the "The Walls Are Whispering" compilation trilogy by the Belgium based EE Tapes label. I heard a rumour that this release was a year late. If so, I can understand why. There is a lot to recommend here for fans of deep listening. It is a very nicely balanced reflection of the present state of the art. What's on offer here runs the gamut from the harsh noise of Acid Soma to qently lilting ambient textures, as is the case with the included Oran Ambarchi track. One track in particular deserving a special mention is Yannick Dauby’s track 'Sanguine' which took second place in an international festival for unpublished music in Taipei (Taiwan). Congratulations!


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