CD: Autumn Wind Productions AWP004 [2006]

Black Seas Of Infinity:
To Receive The Perplexity Of The Soul Of Liberation
The Faceless Ones Shall Be Kings Of The Earth Forever
Secretions Of The Highest Virtue

When The Hurricane Comes
When I Forsook All Earthly Wisdom

Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser:
Alignment In Opposition II

"The Trinity Of Non-Being" is a three way split release from the Autumn Wind Productions record label. Already reviewed from that label is the Vomit Orchestra (quite tasty) and 20.SV (highly desirable) releases, so I was looking forward to getting my reviewing chops around this, if those aforementioned releases were anything to go by. I wasn’t to be disappointed. Entertained…yes. Disappointed…no.

There are six tracks on this recording. Black Seas Of Infinity have three tracks. Kaniba have two. Therefore Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser has just the one. It’s a math thing. Let me tell what a storming release "The Trinity Of Non-Being"’ is and why you should invest your time and money on it. Featuring music that falls somewhere between the experimental and ritual ambient camps the acts have pulled out all the stops to make a recording that is aurally stimulating and electrifying. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is ‘just another’ dull dual genre crossing releases featuring different artists. I’ve reviewed enough of those to emphatically state that this is not the case. Kicking off proceedings Black Seas Of Infinity sets the tone nicely with their three tracks. The first ‘To receive the perplexity of the soul of liberation’ is a cracker featuring slow, sullen and morbid dark ambient music over which a foreign language is incarnated. Track two ‘The faceless ones shall be kings of the earth forever’ is a little early MZ412 (ish) in style - think vaguely harsh rhythmic dynamics over intense bleak sonics - which is over far too soon for these ears. Their last, and longest, track ‘Secretions of the highest virtue’ is a slow burner that amalgamates the style of music from the previous two tracks in a highly thought provoking way. Step forward out of the shadows Kaniba for you have much to live up to. A challenge they meet with aplomb. ‘When the hurricane comes’ is an experimental track featuring all manner of strange sounds being manipulated and cajoled creating a tense atmospheric feel. Their second contribution ‘When I forsook all earthly wisdom’ goes into murky, spooky dark ambience territory where the sonics plays tricks on the ears. Sounds abound and casscade over a brooding electronic background creating a deep sense of isolation and dread. Which leaves Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser to round off the recording with ‘Alignment in opposition 11’. This 16 minute+ dark opus has a dreamlike drone quality about it where, slowly, ever so slowly, the light is eventually eradicated by the encroaching blackness. The sounds escalating in intensity as the piece evolves.

"The Trinity Of Non-Being" (there is a concept as such that revolves around the pieces, but I rarely ever buy into them preferring to let my ears and imagination do the work for me) is a super recording that will appeal to those who enjoy highly atmospheric music with a cutting edge. So good in fact is this release that it makes you want to seek out further releases by all the participants. Which says it all really. Try it for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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