CDR: Elvis Coffee Records ECR15 [2006]

Kiss My Farkyn: Electrified Pleasures
SWN: Bossa Eliptyco No. 8
Les 7 Mondes: Impromondes 1: Ghost Track
Ghoul Detail: 3 Long Days On The Pipe
Analgeek: Undergrind
Psychic Space Invasion: Dust Comes From Saturn
The Buff Monkey Ensemble: Black Narbeth Money Tree

Down in the Welsh valleys something stirs. And it’s not the sound of Tom Jones being hit with another paternity case or the Manic Street Preachers waking up to the realisation they are shit. It be the sound of free enterprise in full flow. Which is the only way to explain the modus operandi of Elvis Coffee Records. They don’t want your money… not yet anyway… they just want to bring to your ears the latest sounds from artists they themselves admire. Postage costs is all they ask in return. They aren’t rich enough to do that but I bet if they were they would. And to think I used to take the piss out of the Welsh. Well no more. I’ll stick to an easier target from now on. The fucking English. Cunts one and all.* And if I’ve said that before in any other reviews… good. I’m not losing my touch.

This latest, oh so limited, release from the label features 7 acts. A compilation it is then. Starring… in no particular order… Psychic Space Invasion and Ghoul Detail who have already been covered (Mr Ghoul frequently) in AP before and Kiss My Farkyn, Les 7 Mondes, Analgeek, Swn and The Buff Monkey Ensemble. Although SWN and The Buff Monkey Ensemble were reviewed on the last Elvis Coffee Records compilation "The Breath of Forgotten Places" [read review here]. Best keep things factual. Record labels appreciate you more if you do that. And just like that last compilation there is much to admire on here. And one to shrug the shoulders and go ‘so what’ to. It all boils down to personal taste. I’m sure some readers actually think the Manics are a great band. See what I mean? In order then. Kiss my Farkyn: Experimental electronica. Almost verging on Japanese weird shit noise. Different. SWN: Kind of glitch based experimental electronics. Must be having a good day because I quite liked this. Funny old game this reviewing lark. Les 7 Mondes: Loud (ish) electronics patterned thing that made my shoulders go… slump. Ghoul Detail: My main man. Great to hear his stuff once more. Can do no wrong. Dark ambience be thine forte. A highlight. Analgeek: wanted to love them just for their name. Electronically fused with some other instruments not of this planet stuff… with voice added… a slow burner that was a genuine surprise. Psychic Space Invasion: A dreamy pastoral excursion that lived up to the ongoing hype surrounding the artist Ian Holloway. The Buff Monkey Ensemble: A fitting climax. More dream like structures that floated around in a very pleasing manner.

The thing is. What I think highly of, you’ll disagree with. With 41 minutes of music to choose from there will be something on here to make you sit up and take note. It might even make you want to contact the artists involved (details included on the insert) and say ‘Thanks for that. Great music dude’. For exactly £1.50... which covers up to 2 CDRs… what have you got to lose? You’ll waste a fraction of that amount sticking money into the one armed bandit down your local chippie. My love affair with the Welsh just keeps growing.


* In case any of you are in doubt, yes, Al is Scottish [ED]

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