CD: Steinklang [2005]

Rasthof Dachau : Exitus
Atrox : Feinwellenmechanik
Painslut : The Voices In My Head
Sektion B : The World Is On Fire
Krieger : Des Lichtes
Operation Julmond : Assault
Legion Condor : God Loves America
Viron : T3E
Simon Schall : Der Vogel
DKF : Lärmpegel Sieben
A Challenge Of Honour : Ode To Solitude
Stahlwerk 9 : Mogilew Podolski
Code 243 : Riots Against The State
A.R.S. : Vive La Resistance!
Tormentum : Lethal Ejaculation
Radio Murmansk : Die Nächste Schicht
Leiche Rustikal : I Forgot
Institution D.O.L. : Time To Die
Allerseelen : Gondellied
Riharc Smiles : The Last Green Days Of Summer
Sagentoeter : Wolven
Sturmpercht : Der Tanz Des Tatzelwurms

Steinklang Records and their affiliated labels, AgitProp, Ahnstern, Percht etc, have been releasing recordings for over 10 years. These releases have been on vinyl & CD only, or a combination of both, and most have been very strictly limited in number. This method of releasing material can make for a frustrating experience for the dedicated record collector. Looking for the "Men Behind the Sun" CDR release? Tough. Sold out. What about the "Sektion B" CDR? Unlucky. Sold out. Go through the full catalogue listing, thoughtfully included as the information booklet, and you’ll find that if any item you are seeking isn’t already sold out then by the time you make further enquires the chances are it will be. Drat and double drat.

Steinklang Industries Disco takes a momentous 89 minute trawl through some of the later Steinklang Records releases, with additional tracks taken from some of the afore mentioned affiliated labels, covering 22 tracks in all and on only one CD. Phew!! Those of you with a crappy Goodmans or cheap and nasty unknown branded Jap CD player may experience problems trying to play the CD. Forewarned etc. For those of you not acquainted with Steinklang Records lets just say that they are true spirited purveyors of Power Noise / Death electronic music produced by German and Austrian artists…which this compilation apply demonstrates. Of course, depending on how well versed you are with this scene, the groups presented here will be either well known or totally new to your ears. Some of the tracks comprise rhythmic power noise blasts. Others are sample oriented pieces. There’s even a smattering of old skool Industrial dynamics to be found lurking ominously waiting to pounce on the unwary. As with all compilations what I may find exciting and fresh may not necessarily appeal or be agreed upon by anyone else. But for the record…tracks by Rasthof Dachau, Atrox, Sektion B, Operation Julmond, Legion Condor, Viron, DKF, A Challenge of Honour…yes that ACOH, and Stahlwerk 9 get my vote of excellence. From the associated labels the A.R.S, Tormentum, Radio Murmansk, and Leiche Rustikal tracks are also worthy of further investigation. If you can find them of course. I wasn’t too keen on some of the neo-folk style tracks near the end of the compilation but that’s only because that genre and I have an ongoing love / hate relationship. At the moment its hate by the way.

Compilations are generally hit or miss affairs but Steinklang Industries Disco manages to score more bulls eyes than many other similar compilations around. Plus…it represents a small piece of musical history and heritage from this dynamic and intriguingly diversified record label. That alone warrants that you put it top of your wants list of future purchases. Better be quick though and get it before it sells out. Which it undoubtedly will.



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