CDR: Bunkier Productions BIICDr [2004]

Koavt: Death To The Infidels
Ritual Front: Dve Molnii (Two Lightnings)
The Arid Sea: Hanging
Alien Levi: Kapitulation
Necropropagand: Patrie, Gloire Et Honneur
The Blue Hour: Night
Storm Of Capricorn: They Were History
Westwind: Tourmente (Prélude)
Weihan: Het Broedervolk
Der Krieg: Bunkier w Lesie
Cold Fusion: Devotions
Der Feuerkreiner: Novembertag
One For Jude: Helice
The Well Of Sadness: Glances
Ghosts Of Breslau: Best Boys Are Buried In The Ground
Morpheus: A Game In The Dark

"Songs from the Bunker" is a limited edition CDR … whoa what a surprise … from Bunkier Productions of Poland. This fairly new(ish) label specialises in releases on CDR only … so far. "Songs from the Bunker" comes on a pure black CDR … a bit like a Playstation 2 game disc … and has 16 songs by 16 different and musically varied artists.

As with the majority of compilations some of the artists are well known within their own genre and others are using the release to showcase their talents to a wider audience. Here the artists come from all over the world including USA, France, Belgium, Italy and Russia etc and include KOAVT, Ritual Front, Morpheus, Westwind, Alien Levi, Weihan, The Blue Hour and many more. A veritable who’s who and who’s that? Therefore you can expect to hear Neo-folk songs sitting next to Martial music beats next to experimental pieces. Unlike some compilations there’s no flotsam or jetsam to be heard here. Every track has been skilfully crafted for your listening pleasure and succeeds where so many others have fallen. This release by Bunkier Productions will surely sell out very quickly and attain a cult status that all excellent but limited releases eventually gain. Buy it now and save yourself the heartbreak of having to pay way over the odds for it at a later date.

"Songs from the Bunker" is an essential purchase for connoisseurs of great and varied music and the future definitely looks brighter now that Bunkier Productions are making their mark on the scene.



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