CD: Housepig hpig-002 [2006]

Unicorn: Sleeper Wave
Aube: Shackle
Bastard Noise: Flesh Near Automation
Luasa Raelon: Infradimensional
Guilty Connector & Tabata Trance: Oscillation From Limbo
Oblong Box: The Knife That Cuts The Handler

Six Doors is a compilation from Housepig Records of Minneapolis. Who… you may well ask. Launched in 2004 they release recordings that focus on the noise / ambient / drone and experimental genres and have put out some weird and wonderful pieces of music since their inception. This release kind of gives you a feel for what they are about. Featuring 6 tracks, that vary in length from 10 - 12 minutes, and featuring a bunch of guys of local and international repute who know the meaning of the words ‘sonic manipulation’.

Included for your delectation are Unicorn which is a solo project by W. T . Nelson of Bastard Noise infamy, Japanese legend Aube, Bastard Noise themselves, Ohio’s own son of a gun Luasa Raelon, Japan's Guilty Connector and Tabata… and bringing up the rear Minnesota’s own home boy made good Oblong Box. We’ll that’s some pretty awesome talent on display but it means hog shit if the music doesn’t add up to the sum of its parts.

Unicorn hit the base first with a tantalising 12 minute opus of minimalist sound titled ‘Sleeper Wave’. This features silence followed by a singular note being slowly drawn out which is followed by more silence and then the note pitched ever so slightly higher with added effects and repeated. We down here call this track a thing of restrained beauty for that is what it is. Aube then strikes out with his usual sonic manipulation flair on the track ‘Shackle’. Over a crackling static interference source he slowly introduces a grating and whirlpool effect which gradually increases in intensity whilst other sounds / frequencies are layered on top to pretty damn good effect it has to be said. The third track…and a personal favourite of mine…is our friends at Bastard Noise. A mix of grating howling sounds and tortured voices which gives way to a sublime drone and black ambience this needs to be heard to be believed. Luasa Raelon have a hard job following up this up but aren’t fazed by the competition. The track ’Infradimensional’ is a sub-12 minute rumbling ethereal piece which is akin to a trip to the heavens sonically. The collaboration between Guilty Connector and Tabata sounds like a rumble in the Bronx during the 4th of July. All ambiguous androgynous noise and piercing primordial sonics tainted with a faint whiff of abstract obtuseness. Hear it and you’ll understand. Finally Oblong Box brings this recording to a sad end. ‘The knife that cuts the handler’ puts the ‘D’ back into Drone music. A strung out affair that’s rich and hypnotic that retreats and advances like the sea off the Gulf of Mexico. Absolutely beautiful.

In the grand tradition of compilations everywhere you’ll find something on here worth your time and investment. Housepig Records are mighty proud of this release (quite rightly) and you will be to. Each of the acts have contributed a warm and glowing piece of music that resonates in many different and varied ways. This is almost a chill out recording to de-stress and relax to. Sure there’s a ton of compilations out there but if ambience / drone / sonic manipulation pulls your string then let "Six Doors" be your puppet master. You won’t regret it. The doors are open. Don’t be locked out.



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