CD: Heidenvolk HV06 [2003]
Ltd x 1000

In Gowan Ring: Dome of the Unwoven Spheres
In Gowan Ring: Orb Weavers
Darkwood/Ian Read - Valley of Dark Memories
Darkwood: Room of the Innermost Wishes
A Challlenge Of Honour / Sturmpercht: Der Kalte Baum
A Challlenge Of Honour / Sturmpercht: Des Kreuzheers Schwerer Stahl
Agnivolok: Town with Yellow Eyes
Chaos As Shelter: Stoned Spirits
VE Europa: Tausend Sterne sind ein Dom
Voxus Imp: Epilog

Heindenvolk was originally home to the recordings of the supremely talented Darkwood but now encompasses other artists and ideas.

Therefore, no surprises here, on this CD we are treated to 2 x excellent Darkwood tracks of stylish neo-folk music that they do so well. If that wasn’t enough there are 2 tracks apiece from Gowan Ring, and A Challenge of Honour / Surfperch (superb as always), plus a track apiece from Agnivolok, Chaos as Shelter, VE Europa and Voxus Imp. If that doesn’t make you drool with anticipation I don’t know what will. I read somewhere, forgotten where, that this compilation is all about buildings and all the tracks are structured…God I’m good… around architecture. Or something. The cover and inside booklet does kind of hint at this but I can’t say that I noticed much songs about the love of bricks and mortar on the CD. Who cares anyway? When you have such talented and varying artists involved in such a project its best to let the music speak for itself. And boy do they speak. Every track is a blistering testament to the musicians on display and covers everything from the Neo-folk to experimental musical genres. Yet nothing is out of place. It all builds…please stop me…into a wall…I can’t help it…of delicious sounds that compliment each other perfectly.

If you’re looking for a top quality compilation to add to your collection then you’ll be mightily impressed with "Secret Lords".



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