CR: InfeKted Sound IS001 [2005]
Ltd x 500

Twinkle: Le Passage
Chrysalide vs. F.Y.D.: Sorry
Flint Glass: Alhazred
Shizuka: Connected
Lith: Breathe
Eva|3: N.D.E.
ESA: We All Know The World Is Wrong
Autoclav1.1: Hollow Point (Terrorfakt Mix)
Iszoloscope: Insubstantiability (Decay_Cut)
Triax: Bodyhammer
Ebola: Destructonoise
Dyspraxia: Controlling Their Desires
Queynte: Suffering Arousal
Rudra Vena vs. Industriepalast: Clay (Brummkreisel Mix)
Sonic Area: My Ghost

InfeKted Sound is a brand spanking new label, based in Manchester, UK. The force behind this new music machine is DJ [Matt] (Club Implant etc). Striking out with their first compilation (the usual for a fledgling label), InfeKted focuses on the broad range of electronics genres - "noise / power / break / rhythmic / ambient" - and can only be a welcomed addition to the fairly barren UK scene.

"Rhythms For Decay" is one helluva debut release. With already familiar names gracing the line-up (Iszoloscope, Flint Glass, Terrorfakt, Lith etc) you know this is going to be the start of something big. As per my own personal taste, it's the harsh rhythmic noise tracks which grab me first. Sublime output from Autoclav1.1, Lith and ESA. The nicest surprise came from Shizuka (absolutely hypnotic idm/electronics with ambient undertones), but Autoclav1.1 has been on repeat for a while now! Ebola seem to be a bit too influenced by Sonar on their track, but that's my only gripe. Most certainly an essential purchase for lovers of Ant-Zen, Hands, Spectre, Ad Noiseam etc.

Lots of love and attention has also gone into the presentation here. The CD comes in a unique ejector snapcase with very nice artwork. Simply a must.


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