CDr: Dragon Flight Recordings DFCD-R-004 [2003]

Terror Organ - The Serpent Sheds it’s Skin like the Moon Sheds it’s Shadow
Axone - Disunity
When Joy Becomes Sadness - What the Fuck Are You Looking At?
Murderous Vision - Speak Their Names
Travis Morgan - Proletarian
Steel Hook Prostheses - 01/Extrusion
Deconstructive Screwdriver Criticism - Steiveson
Goat- The Spring When Kings Go Off To War
No Signal Organism - Things to do on Saturn days

This is a good and varied compilation CD from Dragon Flight Records (Now Beauty & Pain).

The opening track from Terror Organ is a great opener. Dark power electronics with sparse melody and strong simple rhythm.

Track 2 from Axone is a bit darker, Rich deep tones go to generate a great undulating drone sound here. It develops into some extremely powerful soundscapes with some nice voice samples over the top. This is top quality industrial music.

Track 3 from
When Joy Becomes Sadness is extremely noise orientated and confrontational, very similar to the mighty Con-Dom!

Murderous Vision contribute the fourth track on this compilation. This is a lot more sedate than the previous track. This is quality, vocal orientated dark ambient with a very familiar sound to it.

Track 5 from Travis Morgan is another powerful industrial contribution. The track opens with a nice Scanner esque sample, which leads into pounding industrial rhythm and percussion. Not much melody here, but it doesn’t need it!

Steel Hook Prostheses produce the 6th track on this compilation. Similar to the previous track this incorporates sampled vocal intro leading to a wall of relentless industrial textures.

Track 7 from Deconstructive Screwdriver Criticism again like some of the others is uncompromising industrial.

Goat. Great name for a band. Track 8 again is full on industrial, Con-Dom style. This comprises cycling power electronics and works very well in the car (honest!). This makes for excellent driving music.

The final track on this CD is by No signal organism. This is another fine example of power electronics. Very reminiscent of early Namanax (pre Plotkin).


[Beauty & Pain (Formerly DFR)]

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