CD: Mechanoise Labs MN022 [2004]
Ltd x 300

Nagasaki Fondue - Leaking Meat
The Mark Dutroux Slideshow - Come Here, Fucking Bleed
Control - ...Without Death
Beton Barrage - All Signals Down
Cutman - Alpha B
Government Alpha - Scoop Out
Mourmansk 150 - seethem(slowly)die
Foutredieu!!! - Vos Statues Tomberont Aussi
Nagasaki Fondue - Masturbated By A Cripple In A Wheelchair
This Is Not Red Paint - Inhale, Exhale and Die
Rupor Udara - Sun
Pine Tree State Mind Control - Nowhere
Sulphur - The Chimera Vortex
Kryptogen Rundfunk - Vision Reflections
Navicon Torture Technologies - Calipsia666
Angel Of Decay - To See Inside

Neighbours away for the day. Check. Dog tied up in the garden. Check. Windows and doors closed. Check. Painkillers and glass of water at hand. Check. Cue the music…and hit… ‘play’.

"Like music to their Ears Vol 2" is seventeen (17) tracks of varied extreme power electronic music from Mechanoise Labs, purveyors of all things loud and nasty, which is all you need to know about this CD. Hard-on giving or vomit inducing, the choice is up to your own personal taste. For the record my favourite tracks, in no particular order, were the following: Nagasaki Fondue - great original first track and winner of "funniest title for a tune" with ‘Masturbated by a Cripple in a Wheelchair’. Control – because they never fail to impress. Rupor Udara – a blast from the past and a welcome addition to any serious noise collection.
DVT – hardcore. Say no more. Cutman– nice strange squeals and vocals. Mourmansk 150– suppressed aggression and vocals. This Is Not Red Paint – hypnotic and, compared to other acts on this compilation, fairly quiet. Wouldn’t mind hearing more of their stuff. Pine Tree State Mind Control– ditto. NTT – love this guy more than my wife. Worthy of the purchase price of the CD alone. Angel of Decay – reminded me of MZ412 in places. A compliment. The rest of the acts, although not outstanding, still offered enough air turbulence to knock me off my chair. Which can’t be a bad thing.

Overall then "Like Music to their Ears Vol 2" gets a big up from me and should be acquired by like minded souls.



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