2 x CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR027 [2006]

IDX1274 - Hezbollah Reconnaissance Drone in Israeli Airspace
Jason Macri - Crawl to Light
Xdugef - Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Random Insults - Brain Surgery
Loopool - Inside Device
Redglare - cr0n4
Residuum - And the Seven Day Ye Shall Compass the City Seven Times
Watchmenmk - Nuclear Winter Option
Dolmensniper - Drone
Eye - Dakshinamurthi

Ghoul Detail - Even The Moonlight Burns Me
Nimheil - Artefact from Beneath
Rabbit Girls - Sivle Yelserp
Scrawn - Leamouth Scaffolding Song
Allerian - Tracing The Cracks
Big City Orchestra - September
Ctephin - Nod and King Morpheus
KRLL - The Texas Tea Party
Frogtoboggan -Prelude in Ice
Aro:Pund - Last Light of a Dark Day

The label… Roilnoise. Type of recording… compilation. Genre… Drone. Artists appearing… IDX1274, Jason Macri, Xdugef, Random Insults, Loopool, Redglare, Residuum, Watchmenmk, Dolmensniper, Eye, Ghoul Detail, Nimheil, Rabbit Girls, Scrawn, Allerian, Big City Orchestra, Ctephin, KRLL, Froggtobogan and Aro:Pund. Total number of artists… 20. Number of cds… 2. Total running time… over 2 hours / 120++ minutes.

That there was the facts about this release. Time to add my personal view. Add flesh to the bones so to speak. The word ‘Drone’ holds a lot of different connotations for every individual. Each will have their own ideas of what constitutes ‘Drone’ music. My viewpoint won’t naturally match someone else’s. Which is why some of the music to be found on here wouldn’t be classed as ‘Drone’ in my opinion. Also… if you look at the artists partaking in this endeavour you’ll note that they aren’t the ‘BIG’ names usually associated with ‘Drone’ music. In fact I only know of Random Insults, Ghoul Detail, Rabbit Girls and the Big City Orchestra from this motley crew… which shouldn’t deter you in the slightest. With so many pieces of music there’s no way I’m going to attempt a review of each piece. Instead I’ll just give you my highlights.

In order of appearance: IDX1274 (for the glorious noise), Jason Macri (crackling ambience), Xdugef (experimental electronics gone slightly mad), Random Insults (hell spawned black distortion), Loopool (an adventure in sound waves), Watchmenmk (a throbbing killer), Dolmensniper (loud and proud), Eye (even louder and aggressive), Ghoul Detail (but of course because he never fails to inspire), Nimheil (interesting ideas borne fruitfully), Rabbit Girls (atmospheric with a capital A), Scrawn (lovely and dreamlike), Allerian (an eviler Scrawn), Big City Orchestra (pastoral pleasantness), Ctephin (beats and voices), KRLL (sample strewn madness not unlike Clear Stream Temple) and Are:Pund (out to lunch and gone way West).

Apologies to those few who didn’t make the list. Shit happens. Remember though that those are only my highlights. You can diss me if you so wish. With so much music on offer there’s bound to be something that will appeal to your own tastes. I’ll even end on a bold statement. "Fossil Species - A Drone compilation" is the best thing (apart from the Ghoul Detail releases) that has so far come from the Roilnoise record label. Easily accessible with an abundance of good quality music to indulge in you are literally spoilt for choice. Smooch on over to their website for ordering details pronto.


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