CD: Middle Pillar MPP005 [2003]
Ltd x 2000

Aenima: Pale (Remix)
Zoar: Ashes Falling (Hyper-Magma Remix)
Loretta's Doll: Nature (Cream of the Crop Mix)
The Unquiet Void: R'lyeh Rerisen (Orignal Version)
Mirabilis: In the Dark (Remix)
The Mirror Reveals: Finale
A Murder Of Angels: Momentary Vision
Thread: The Chattering Man (The Mad Artist's Sketch)
The Changelings: My Shadow, Your Ghost (Time Traveller Mix)
The Machine In The Garden: Suspend
Sumerland: Butterfly Wings (Edit Version)
4th Sign Of The Apocalypse: A Song for Sosaja
Kobe: Lotus (Slippers in the Snow Mix)

Middle Pillar's second compilation starts with a nice presentation in a digipak, and just like most compilation albums, it has its ups and downs. Some of the bands presented here are brand new to me, while a few others are long time acquaintances.

Except for tracks 6 and 7, all the rest are exclusive songs or remixes, on the one hand making Ecletica a nice collectible item (it's also limited to only 2000 copies worldwide), but on the other hand some of the remixes went really out of hand. This is especially true on Zoar's case. A great piece of music with some ethno-trance in which, apart from the sampled vocals, there is absolutely nothing left of the original. Loretta's Doll (track 3) is also worth mentioning. I recommend direct skip, unless you find interest on Chef from South Park gone darkwave. The album only starts to shine from track 4 and beyond, with The Unquiet Void, and A Murder of Angels bringing in some somber atmospheres; two bands that I will look foward to in the future (both being more Industrial / Ambient oriented).

Ecletica as the name already suggests, is a very variable in sonorities and mood, some ethereal (The Mirror Reveals), some Indus / Noise (4th Sign of Apocalypse and Kobe), some failed attempts at avant-garde (Thread), and Trip Hop (The Changelings) are all present here. Recommended for DJs and other people looking foward expanding their musical horizons.


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