CD: Mile 329 329.13 [2003]

Idyl: The Lost Valentine
Der Eisenrost: Down By Law
Sedaye Marg: Chalice of Poison
Skincage: LLSS
Naked Intruder: Ultima Materia
Exclipsect: Piston Honda
Tarmvred: VSW Pulse 5
LLDF: Forsaking Commercial Potential
Pneumothorax: Fog
Dissecting Table: Worst Timing
Stelladrine: Black Helicopters over New Mexico
The Rage Box: Thunder and Lightning
CHC System: M190
Neutralizing Force: Fission

One of the fears I have is that of flying. I think that every time I get onto an airplane it will crash into the ground at high speed and explode into a huge fireball. There is a name for my phobia. I believe it’s called ‘Scared Shitlessia’. Another phobia, strange as this must sound, that I suffer from is the fear of Various Artists CDs that I’ve been asked to review. When the little silver disk arrives I immediately break out into a sweat and a huge sense of dread and disillusionment overcomes my whole body. Please God I utter to myself. Please let this one be good.

"Don’t Touch My Car" thankfully turns out to be a bit of alright. In fact it’s a damn sight better than alright. The 15 tracks contained within the CD feature a mixture of known and unknown acts that cover a variety of genres from hardcore beats through experimental noodling onto general noise cut-ups and upwards towards computer game madness and…whisper this…very danceable and toe tapping tunes. And very nice it is too. Skincage, Sedaye Marg, Idyl, Dissecting Table, Tarmvred, Stelladrine, ISV and others have contributed some excellent pieces of work…but…the track by Der Eisenrost is worth the price of admission alone. A metallic bashing / guitar overload tune with grunty vocals that defies all expectations. Brilliant. All in all "Don’t Touch My Car" is a veritable cornucopia of styles that blends in perfectly and succinctly to suit all tastes. Check it out and see what I’m going on about.

This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts. We’re heading towards some musical turbulence. This could be a bumpy ride.


[Mile 329]

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