CD: Steinklang SKD11 [2006]

Tardive Dyskinesia: Learn To Be Weak
Tardive Dyskinesia: Little Boy
Atrox + Ms'sm: 14 Min Delirium
The Musick Wreckers: Gliding Down (The Needle) / Open Sky
The Musick Wreckers: Shake / Back Into The Mud
Leiche Rustikal: Synapses
Leiche Rustikal: Äther
Control: Fiending
Control: Rise Against

"C21H23NO5: Diacetylmorphin" or to give it its shorter better known name, Heroin. The drug associated with rock stars everywhere. The alive and the dead. Mr Thunders isn't available to take your call just now. Also the destroyer of the lives of normal nobody people who fall under the smack spell. "Never trust a junkie" sang Ministry on "Just one fix". They should know. Big Al was one after all.

This V/A release is a kind of concept recording where the participating artists have recorded tracks that tackle the euphoria and aftermath of using heroin. The uppers followed by the deep downers. This compilation has been put together by Mr Tardive Dyshinesia himself with assistance from his mutual acquaintances. Thus we have, in order of appearance, Tardive Dyshinesia ( 2 tracks ), Atrox & Ms sm ( 1 track ), The Musick Wreckers ( 2 tracks ), Leiche Rustikal ( 2 tracks ) and ending the whole enterprise... Control ( 2 tracks ).

The more musical aware amongst you may flinch at the name Control. Thomas Garrison has been creating nauseous power electronic music for ages under this name. Most forget about his more easily accessible project Exsanguinate - but that's another story for another time. "Diacetylmorphin" is not a "noise" compilation by any stretch of the imagination. Don't even go there. Seriously. Don't. Instead the music is a diverse mixture of BPM electronica, dark ambience, experimental electronics, with the more "noisier" elements near the ending the recording.

As with all V/A releases there are acts that tend to stand out more from the others. In this case Tardive Dyskinesia and The Musick Wreckers were a rather welcome surprise to this pair of ears. Their differing, crikey, musical even, tracks a pleasant diversion leaving a deep feeling of wanting to hear more by them. Which, if we're being honest, is the sole purpose of compilations in whatever flavour they come in. Hear the artist (s)... buy the artist (s). Atrox & Ms sm and Leiche Rustikal cement their already well funded reputations with their contributions, leaving it up to Control to light the fuse and bring the whole thing to an explosive aural conclusion. CahfuckingBoom!!

Let's quickly recap. 9 tracks. Some singing. Some beats. Some samples. Different electronic elements and styles throughout. And some power noise. A good combination that works well within the seriousness of the subject matter. Also - on the plus side - it's being distributed through Steinklang Industries in a joint venture with Dystenia Recordings. Which automatically gives it the kudos the release deserves. A worthy addition to any record collection and a release with a BIG message to impart. Not that any junkies will hear it because they‚ve sold their stereos to feed their daily habit. The Industrial musical equivalent of Neil Young‚s "The needle and the damage done". Junkies may be the saddest scum of the earth but they don't half have some great music dedicated to their pathetic self inflicted plight. Long may artists gain inspiration in this vein.



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