2xCD: Ant-Zen Act 150

Silver Digipak with Posters, Stickers, Cards and Postcards

Orphx - Pre-Dawn Haze
Roger Rotor - Drowny Delay
Iszoloscope - Au Seuil Du Néant (Daruma Cut)
Synapscape - Turn To Green
Asche - Frantic Queen & Iron Man
Axiome - Klach Facade
Cell Auto Mata - Hipster (Aggression Mix)
Contagious Orgasm - Hurricane 02
This Morn' Omina - Epoch
P.A.L. - I.R.K.
Morgenstern - Touched
Individual - 180 Bullets Per Man (Short Version)
Mental Destruction - Descent Into Abjection
Converter - Slave
Monokrom - SBJ
Hypnoskull - Oh My God, You Saved My Live!
Ars Moriendi - Früchte Des Schmerz

Noosa Hedz - Gone 1931
m2 - The Darkness
Veruschka - Boredom Kills
L'Ombre - Revenant
Ah Cama-sotz - Religion. The Taste of Spanking
  (The Whip Beats Harder Mix)
Ambre - Rance
Ultra Milkmaids - My Personal TV System
Rob(u)Net - Bathroom Symphonette
Black Lung - Autocratic Zeit Swift
Telerotor - Fusion
Vromb - Séquence - Voltage
Imminent - Miraw
Silk Saw - Unsungsong
Templegarden's - Khazad-Dûm
Klangstabil - Gloomy Day

This much-anticipated release is the result of 10 years of hard work by the technoid industrial label Ant-Zen. “Daruma” comes in a fantasic package: silver digipak with posters, stickers, cards and postcards all tucked up in a plastic envelope. This is the kind of thing Antz collectors have wet dreams over. "Daruma" is essentially a showcase for the most important Ant-Zen acts of the last decade and all the tracks are exclusive.

CD1 will be in my player for quite some time. It opens with a fantastic track by Orphx: dark dancy beats with chilling ambient rhythms. The *best* track in my opinion comes from Iszoloscope which really kicks the album off with the hard and nasty dance rhythms Ant-Zen is noted for. Absolute belters on this release come from Converter, P.A.L. and Morgenstern– as expected. One very impressive track came from Mental Destruction (whom I would normally associate with Cold Meat Industry) – dark, crawling, heavy rhythms.

Roger Rotor, This Morn' Omina and Hypnoskull provide light relief on CD 1 with upbeat and catchy dance rhythms in places, but most of the ambient and electronica is kept to the second disc. Here there are a few excellent tracks from Black Lung, Rob(U)Nent (a collaboration between Imminent and Rob(U)Rang) and Templegarden's. My favourite track on this disk was the real stunner from L'Ombre.



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