CD: Palace Of Worms POW22-2 [2005]

Von Nymph: "Tyrvasia-Nymphs Of The Seagod Nereus" Remix
Beefcake: Hypnos-
Nikodemos: Summoning Divine "Selene" Remix
Peekay Tayloh: Hymn To Bacchus "Hello" Mix
Basilis: "Nymphs Of The"
Mimetic Fake: Message Horn's Enchanting Echo "Fluty" Mimetic Mix
Peekay Tayloh: Ida's Dactyls "Deads Are Dead" Mix
Supermarket: Dance Of The Satyrs "Prayer Mix"
Dani Joss: "Seagod Nereus"

Daemonia Nymphe remixed seems an odd release to come from this recondite neoclassical stable, yet the myriad of artists attempt to retain the Hellenistic mystery and mastery. For the most part all the remixes feature electronic qualities bringing Daemonia Nymphe to a newer audience.

Von Magnet, under the guise of Von Nymph for this remix, mixes female cries into the pulsating electronic rhythms weaving lyre and the powerful recitation of Phil Von in a sinuous orientalism. It is only fitting that Beefcake's contribution with the track 'Hypnos-', the god of sleep, weirds oneiric ambience to time-keeping stop/start electronica. Nikodemos goths up 'Summoning Divine Selene' with mock-industrial percussion and softly skirling synthesized sweeps. Contributing two tracks to the remix album, Peekay Tayloh fuse folk guitar to trip-hop cadence and rasped noise with their 'Hymn to Bacchus' remix. Gelid winds announce the ensorcelling remix of 'Nymphs of the' by Basilis, retaining strong elements of the original with the flourish of the many stringed instrumentation and percussive hand drums. Mimetic Fake drive a club track out of 'Message Horn's Enchanting Echo' broken by moments of pan-fluted reflection before launching back into heavy bass and beat. In their second contributing track, Peekay Taylor contracts and shudders with a noisier glitch remix of 'Deads are Dead' while preserving the loose folds of esotericism. Supermarket continues the modern electronic soundscape of eerie unresolving atmosphere and melody. Lastly, Dani Joss, delivers one of the darker mixes on the album with plodding percussive hypnotism broken in fragments of isolated vocals and shimmering oscillations.

The release is presented as an eight page full colour booklet, roughly DVD sized with the CD itself affixed to the last inside page. Rubicund, earthy tones saturate the booklet with the familiar silhouettes of the band composited artfully throughout.


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