CD: Gruenrekorder 030 [2005]

Costa Gröhn: Zwergohreulen in der Vikos-Schlucht
Martin Moritz: No Input Output
Thomas M. Siefert: Improvisation No. I
Lasse-Mark Riek: Fahnenstange
Suspicion Breeds Confidence: Ein Abenteuer ist zumeist nur eine verpaßte Mahlzeit
Dirk HuelsTrunk: Forward
Etzin: Wundschwelpn
Gran Où Lée: Bird Cage Blues
Dirk HuelsTrunk: Fall Out
Ohrginal: Kombinationen 04
Dirk HuelsTrunk: Nie
Gran Où Lée: Voegel-Verteidigung der Nester
Costa Gröhn: Baustelle
Thomas M. Siefert: Improvisation No. II
Riek/Etzin: Canis Lupus
Ohrginal: Kombinationen 07

Clearly inhabiting the more academic end of experimental music, this compilation is primarily concerned with music theories relating to field recordings. The liner notes contain a lengthy text showcasing a solid grounding in compositional theory, evidenced by the following quote: “Gruenrekorder examines the possibilities of musical perception in the fields of sound, aesthetics and society. This compilation combines raw uncut and cut field recordings with electronic, instrumental and material arrangements. Two modes of composition seem to oppose each other: clippings from reality verses organised sound. What difference does it make?”. The cover continues with a lengthy analysis of the overall theme, which taken holistically is as important and interesting as the music itself.

19 tracks spanning 70 minutes are presented on the CD, featuring 11 artists of whom none I am familiar with (the greater majority seem to be from Germany though). As with some academic sound experimentation releases, the end result is sometimes not entirely engaging, however this compilation suffers no such fate, maintaining focus and interest throughout. In giving a broad impression of this compilation, the subtleties of the various field recordings are evocative and taken in context of the albums ethos, part of the experience is attempting to decipher if the tracks are raw and uncut or have been tweaked in the studio. On the other hand, the remaining tracks are clearly the product of experimental composition and of these there are quite a number of gems for the discovery (hint: the tracks from Martin Moritz, Suspicion Breeds Confidence and Ohrginal get my vote!).

Without simply listing all contributing artists (you can always point your browser in the direction of the label’s site if your sufficiently intrigued!), this is solidly grounded compilation that commendably merges experimental theory with overall focus & of greatest importance - listenability.



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