2 x CD: Old Europa Café OECD 065 [2004]

Argine: Immoto nel Vento
Dawn ande Dusk Entwined: She Came from the East (Winter Version)
Von Thronstahl: Through Sun and Steel Transforming
Folkvang: A World in a Cage
Foresta di Ferro: A Fondo
A Challenge Of Honour: Einzig und Allein
Knifeladder: Born Under Fire
The Sword Volcano Complex: Spearheading The Academy
Cadaverous Condition: In June, As I Killed Time
Ain Soph: Morte e Disonore (Spectrae Remix)
The Days Of The Trumpet Call: The Mighty Power
Dies Natalis: Gedenken
Exciio: Essere se Stessi
Shining Vril: The Conquest (Of the Wyrm)
Tribe of a Circle: Demokratür III / Audacia For Victory

Camarata Mediolanense: Der Tod (Live in La Sarraz MMI)
Harmony Garden: Colder Than The Sky Above
Kirlian Camera: Days to Come
Sonne Hagal: Sturm
Inner Glory: War is Forever
Dream Into Dust: Invictus
Lady Morphia: Sun Spirits (Muspell Mix)
Regard Extreme: Mélodie des Spectres
Of the Wand and the Moon
Darkwood: In Heimatwald
4th Sign of the Apocalypse: In a Robe of Fire
Naevus: Occasional Table
Spiritual Front: Syncropillenen
Furvus: Iter Unius Diei
Northgate: Hallo World This is Meat

My collection of CDs is quite big. In fact without getting into a ‘my cock is bigger than your cock’ scenario I would say it probably shits all over the piss poor collection of 90% of the visitors to this site. The thing is that having such a big collection of music means that I’ve accrued some dubious recordings and the last thing I really needed was another V/A compilation. I’ve got a hell of a lot of these things and most have left me cold. Usually they contain acts I’ve never heard of, nor for that matter ever want to hear of again, or the tracks submitted are the detritus that the artists have thrown the labels way. There are exceptions of course but these are few and far between the usual shit put together then sold to suckers like myself.

A huge slap on the back to OEC then for releasing one of the ultimate compilation CDs available. "Avdacia Imperat" is a veritable 'who’s who' of artists within the ‘neo-classical / folk / military' genres compiled onto 2 x cds worth of music that will be one of the most sought after releases by fans of this type of music. Ain Soph, Von Thronstahl, A Challenge of Honour, The Days of the Trumpet Call, Shining Viral, Tribe of Circle, Dream into Dust, Darkwood, Northgate, Sonne Hagal, and Lady Morphia are just a few names to whet your appetite for what you’ll hear. There is a total of 30 acts in all over the 2 x cds and every track is a winner as the quality control of the tracks picked for the compilation has been so high. Because of this there aren’t any highlights to mention because every track shines in its own outstanding way. The stunning A5 sized packaging with information on all the artists is just the cherry on top of the cake.

If you’ve been wary or disheartened with compilations before then fear not as OEC have released an absolute stunner that will be so hard to beat and which you would be foolish to miss out on.


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