CD: Triumvirate [2001]

An Angel's Last Breath
Throne To The Dogs
Ruling Hand Of Snakes
Cold Embrace
Coronation of Jackals

Imagination is a powerful thing and should never be underestimated. Here I am listening to V.O.S and I keep seeing within my mind a horror movie being played out in front of me. The sort of film where 6 young graduates, 3 men & women, go to a wood cabin in the backwoods of no-where-ville during vacation and get offed by a mask wearing inbred Redneck in ever more incredulous ways. I even picture one or more of the women getting fully naked first before being topped but that's only because I'm a filthy old sod. 'Veil of Secrecy' is probably one of the most eerie and haunting recordings I‚ve ever heard in a long time. Beautifully rendered dark ambience, with just the right amount of echo and reverb, makes this a masterpiece which shouldn't be ignored. If you like your music to suffocate you in atmospherics then look no further. It took Stephen Hall 5 long years to record this and boy was it worth the wait. If ever a piece of music was worthy of film soundtrack status then this is it.

Utterly fantastic and an absolute joy to behold. I guess you could say I really liked this.


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