CD: Veil Of Secrecy [2004]
Ltd x 50


If any of you bothered to read my review of the MZ412 VS Folkstorm release [read here], which I suggest you all do, you’ll know that I made certain pertinent points about ‘live’ albums. Here’s another one for you to digest. What constitutes a ‘live’ recording? Going back many years Throbbing Gristle released "Heathen Earth" which was a recording made in one take in a studio with assorted guests to witness proceedings. Does this qualify as a ‘live’ recording? The reason I ask is that "Deadtech" is a ‘live’ recording from Chicago in 2001 but the sound quality and clarity make it appear very much like a studio recording. Either the engineers are magicians or "Deadtech" was recorded in the same way as "Heathen Earth". Of course it doesn’t fucking matter one way or the other unless ‘obsession’ is your middle name. All we the record buying public want is the music to be something we can enthuse over and lose ourselves into.

The first Veil of Secrecy recording, titled rather imaginary "VOS", on the Triumvirate label I gushed over and said it was ‘Beautifully rendered dark ambience’ and ‘Utterly fantastic and an absolute joy to behold’. Read it for yourself [read here]. I stand to this day by every word. "Deadtech" is much more of the same. The difference here though is the four pieces of music are more drawn out length wise and have drone / dream / nightmare / hypnotic like structures to them. The passages of music seem to float for an eternity moving impartially from the darkest recesses into light fragments of heavenly euphoria. As none of the tracks are named or listed here is a quick breakdown of the running order of "Deadtech". Tracks 1 + 2: bleak, foreboding, generally fucking scary shit music. Track 3: mechanical slow burner with eerie claustrophobic overtones. Track 4: Amazing Zen sleep inducing piece that takes you to a higher plane of consciousness and understanding. Fitting that the best was kept for last.

Sometimes a record will come along and just bowel you over completely with its intensity and vision and this is one such record. The fact that it was supposedly recorded ‘live’ makes it an even more outstanding achievement.


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