CD: Cold Spring Records CSR32CD [2005]

Imperium Internum
Vorwarts, Die Raben Der Endzeit
Schwarz, Weiss, Rot
The Majestic Return
Kristall / Kristur
Under The Mask Of Humanity
Sturmzeit (Version)
Heimaterde, Mutterboden, Vaterland
Noch Bluht Im Geist Verborgen
Atlantisches Tief
Turn The Centuries (Version)
Das Neue Reich
Drei Tropfen Blutes Farben Den Schnee
Pontifex Solis

Does time actually affect memory? I think in my case it does. When "Imperium Internum" was first released I thought that it was possibly one of the greatest debut recordings every released by a group. Having initially played it to death it suddenly became part of history within my collection as my attention was diverted onto other recordings. Fool, fool, fool!! Now re-released in a nice digi-pak I feel it’s time for a fuller reappraisal.

Firstly you need to know that this re-release offers nothing in the way of bonus material, any re-mastering of the music or even a re-written insert booklet. Which when you think about it makes sense as you can’t improve on perfection. Von Thronstahl, at this time of recording, comprised of Josef K, Raymond P, Mike Morris, and sisters Daniela & Claudia Modolo. The music on "Imperium Internum" is mostly a mixture of Military / Neo Classical & Folk music with additional samples culled from various sources. The songs are sung / spoken in both German & English and go from strident marching anthems to quiet reflective pieces. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. After the initial release came out there came a negative backlash in some quarters stating that Von Thronstahl had a Right Wing bias which they were peddling through their music. These unjust and unfair accusations should rightly be discounted as rumour mongers working overtime and shouldn’t detract from the all important music. They have also been compared to a mixture of Laibach crossed with Death In June which, though not strictly true, isn’t a bad thing in my book. If only either of these groups had produced a recording of this magnitude I would tend to agree more.

My only problem with "Imperium Internum" is trying to convey in words just how phenomenal this recording is. I’ve looked in my dictionary and thesaurus and came up with the following which may be helpful: unrivalled, magnificent, grandiose, exhilarating, sepulchral, exquisite, astonishing ,…the list could go on and on. My writing skills aren’t good enough to convey the passions that hearing "Imperium Internum" makes me feel. From the first note that sings forth from track one to the fading last note of track fourteen I now realise just how special to my heart the music had become and how timely this re-release is in reinforcing these views. Forget about "Imperium Internum" as ‘being possibly’ the greatest debuts of all time and consider it as most ‘definitely the greatest‘.

Those amongst you who never bought "Imperium Internum" first time round have no excuses to miss out again on one of the most talked about releases ever put out on the Cold Spring label. For the converts to the Von Thronstahl sound reading this…don’t let time pass you by. Relive and rejoice in the sheer enjoyment that ‘Imperium Internum’ brings.


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