CD: Cold Spring Records CSR37CD [2005]

Verein (Sam)
Victoria I
Victoria II
Turn the Centuries (Version)
Das Neue Reich (Version)
Hail You Captain and Thy Guard
Path of St. Michael
Under the Mask of Humanity (Version)
Lawrence of Arabia (Arabian Unity Mix)
This Is Europe Not L.A.

How do you follow up a debut recording that has amassed huge critical acclaim and had fans drooling and foaming at the mouth since its release? Simple…you release all the released / unreleased / re-treaded bits and bobs culled from various compilations and other sources that the group has amassed and stick them all onto one perfect package. But what happens when that sells out and starts going for silly money on all the Internet auction sites? Again simple…you re-release it in a snazzy spanking digi-pak to meet the demand that has ensued. Do you add anything extra with the re-release? Afraid not. There’s absolutely no need as the product sells itself without any further inducements required. There, my friends, in a nutshell is why "E Pluribus Unum" has risen from the Cold Spring tombs and finally seen the light of day once more.

Hearing "E Pluribus Unum" once more you begin to realise just how talented all the members of Von Thronstahl are/ were and how their approach to con tributing tracks to various compilations shows their care and attention to detail so often missing in such projects. Every one of the fourteen tracks presented here reeks of a professional dedication to produce quality music that can only be admired. What is also intriguing is finding out, thanks to the informative booklet, where they have taken their samples from and discovering, from listening to the music, how these samples have been integrated and become integral to the music. How does one try to explain to people who have never heard of Von Thronstahl before what they actually sound like? ‘Military / Neo Classical & Folk genres with samples’ tells only a rudimentary part of it. I point them towards "Imperium Internum" [read here] and let them be wowed by that instead. We’ve all got our own opinions about what fits into which genres. On this release Von Thronstahl cover all bases. From the gentle guitar strummed pieces…to the boot stomping drum patterns…onward through classical orchestral passages…whilst taking in sample heavy cut-ups. They are all here. And more.

Although coming close "E Pluribus Unum" can’t match the majestic heights of "Imperium Internum"…but that would have been asking just too much. What must be remembered is that "E Pluribus Unum" acts as the perfect companion piece to that recording and when bought together the development of the group is there for all to hear.


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