CD: Cyclic Law 14th Cycle [2005]
Ltd x 1000

Abyssal Gaze
Auroral Glare
Devoid Of Shadows

Little known fact (1): Frederic Arbour released the incredible Instincts release "Mystery Visions" which no self respecting collector of music should be without. Little known fact (2): He’s also in a metal band called Longing for Dawn…I’ll pass on that one. Little known fact (3): He’s the founder of Cyclic Law records. One of THE collectable labels around in terms of releases and their packaging. Little known fact (4): He’s back to recording…this time under the name Visions…and fuck me sideways if he hasn’t released another corker. The man is on a roll any hardened gambler would sell their granny for.

"Lapse" is seven tracks that is aimed squarely at connoisseurs of Space ambient music. You know the type of stuff by now. Deeply layered and continually evolving dark atmospherics evoking images of star clusters and planets in transition. Electronic drones and echoing pulses reflecting the vastness of unexplored landscapes. The airless vacuum so cold and uninviting. A threatening visage of the unknown creatively put to music. The titles of the tracks say it all: ’Abyssal Gaze’, ‘Visions’, ’Passage’, ‘Auroral Glare’, ‘Devoid of Shadows’, ‘Lightless’. Every single one skilfully crafted soundscapes that will literately take your breath away. The dark emptiness of space has never been more fully realised.

Little known fact(5): The classic "The Place where the Black Stars Hang" by Lustmord was the template that all artists involved in Space ambient music hoped to one day emulate. That day has arrived and been finally superseded by the magnificent "Lapse". If you must have only one space ambient recording in your collection make sure it’s this one. All others pale into comparison.


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