CD: Fight Muzik [2003]
Ltd x 121

You Have To Decide
Find Them & Kill Them
Moment Of Victory
We Got No Aim
Why Disneyland Doesn't?

The music released on the Russian Fight Muzik record label may not be to everyone’s taste. Very heavy going mostly with a penchant for releasing music by artists who love the analogue equipment of old. Proto Industrial is how I would term it. What isn’t without doubt is that the label always tries something different in the packaging stakes. Not for them the dull CD cases used by the majority of record labels. Not for them the cardboard of digi-paks or DVD cases as used by others. Fight Muzik do it incredibly different. A lot of thought goes into the presentation of every piece. From intricate paper folds to personal art which reminds you of the pieces sent in by viewers to the ‘Vision On’ art television program of years back. "Myths about Srontgorrth" follows in this strong tradition of the label. A joint cooperation limited release with the Ultraways people this comes housed in plastic mesh coating covering a hard card inset within which the cd is carefully stored and with ten little paper inserts for each track. Attention to the finest detail is what sets this label apart from others.

The music on the 10 tracks of the CD is up to the highest standards for the label. A sonic mash of abstract indefinable electronics, complete with martial moments, with samples and voices all over the place. I believe it’s a kind of concept recording, the plastic mesh preventing a full reading of the front text and there was no way I was going to damage it trying to find out more, about events that happened at Srontgorrth. Does it actually exist? And if so in what state? It sounded as I expected it to…and…in fact wanted it to.

The artist Andrei B as Vishudha Kali has already released 3 (?) recordings on Fight Muzik and Velehentor I have greatly admired for his releases. Through the use of varied, harsh and melodic, electronics the tone is set for the whole recording. A bewildering array of samples and highly charged vocals puts the listener at the centre of the action. Thus strong winds blows over strident drumming and voices of the be damned call out in pain and retribution. Sounding not unlike a more feral Laibach in all their Teutonic glory mixed with some eccentric power surges and ancient folk music the music is in a constant electro charged flux.

What its ultimately about I couldn’t really say. Maybe its an act of defiance against all totalitarian organisations. A cry of regret for war crimes past and present. Should we read into music more than what we first perceive least we look foolish at the end? Don’t question would be my response. Sit back and enjoy the sounds for what they are. This label is responsible for putting out some of the most desirable, collectable and at times quite unfathomable music from Russia and we shouldn’t complain at that. May they continue to confound everyone with each subsequent release.


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