CD: Flood The Earth FTE10 [2006]

Im Augenblick der Nacht
Momente schierer Dunkelheit
Horizonte der Sterblichkeit
Illusion des Eises
Lichtschleier Video

Flood the Earth records must have been mightily pissed off when the cover & booklet for this 5th Vinterriket release came back from the printers. I know I'm blind as a bat without my glasses, but even with the goggles on I can‚t make out one word on the booklet or rear cover. Talk about hard and bloody near impossible to read. Which is why, or so I'm led to believe, it has gone back to the printers to be re-done. A sensible course of action for all concerned as it does detract slightly from the music that the artist Vinterriket creates. These small things would try the patience of a saint∑ - never mind a record label trying to promote a release it has so much faith in.

The German artist Vinterriket has built up a reputation for releasing music around his use of keyboards and synths to create the most lavishly produced atmospheric dark ambience. The 6 tracks, plus bonus video clip, on "Lichtschleier" cementing in stone this viewpoint. For Vinterriket the cold and desolate icy wastes are called home. His music inspires visions of a perpetual darkness, whereonly fleeting glimpses of the sun occasionally emerges, whilst all around the ice forms intricate patterns over the landscape. These brooding and melancholic soundscapes that he captures so well drift along in the chilling embrace of the winds that flow on their never ending journey across fields, mountains, rivers and towns. This music captures the heart and spirit of those moments where the natural forces of nature shows its oppressive side. The land open and bare to its potentially deadly embrace. The untamed wilderness has been musically created perfectly on "Lichtschleier".

"Lichtschleier", like its predecessors, is a wonderful achievement in musical craftsmanship. Although steeped in depression tinged bleakness the melodic passages stand out making for a highly pleasurable sojourn into his world. If Edgar Froese or Vangelis had been stuck in Antarctica for years then they might just release recordings that sound like Vinterriket does now. That is how talented and how much I rate Vinterriket musically. Sometimes you need music that is not only easily accessible on the ear but music that actually thrives on the power of the listeners imagination. The music of Vinterriket meets that criteria with aplomb and deserves to be heard by a wider audience interested in a different take on the whole ambient genre.


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