MCD: Eternal Pride Productions EPP003 [2005]
Ltd x 333

Matter Of Soil

Russian musicians are a breed apart. By that I mean their music is by far and away the most distinctive from any other country. This includes Japan. You just never know what you're going to hear when dealing with a Russian artist. The list of Russian artists currently releasing music in its many forms is quite staggering. Each and every one being highly collectable. They take great pains in their presentation, not for them a cheap and nasty cover, and this adds to their value. Be it an individual work of art for each copy, or even a DVD case enclosing an attractive 8 page booklet, the care and attention to the finest detail is always faultless. "Sak-Yelga" falls into the latter here with its DVD case. Pretty packaging alone does not make a record great. The music must also bear up to intense scrutiny. The music must, in the end, stand alone and proud. The Technicolor clothing discarded to reveal the true nature of the beast.

There was never a doubt that crossed my mind that I would enjoy the Velehentor aural experience once more. After all I had already well received his previous releases sent in for review, "Boeing: There... and back again" [read review here] and "Sepsis 022" [read review here], so knew I was in for a treat. Velehentor is 121, also known for his Closing the Eternity project, and one time / full time member of Valhalla, a black metal outfit. For this release 121 has released a 2 track 28+ minutes recording that mixes power electronics with dark wave touches and heavy percussion with strong forceful Russian spoken vocals. The recording itself deals with the river Sak-Yelga, which has the dubious distinction of being one of the dirtiest rivers on Earth. The people who reside in the city of Karabash and depend on the river for their daily existence are rewarded with various rehabilitating diseases for their trouble. The Lord giveth and by fuck he taketh away in spades. This music created by 121 reflects the grubby and cancerous effects this river has had on the populous. The mental disorders, nerve and gland diseases and of course the big 'C'. A people born into utter despair and misery with no way out and no future as such to look forward to. Depressing? But of course. 121 does not hide behind a shiny facade of lies. He tells the truth no matter how painful. His music an Industrial beat full of ominous harmonies, of fates already written large in the sands of the death dealing river that man himself created through his raping of the land that nestles beside it. Listen to "Sak-Yelga" and give thanks you don't live there.

As with all Velehentor releases - and this applies to most Russian artists as well - this is very limited. In fact only 333 copies are available. 121 creates music from the soul. Music that tries to convey the past and present history of Russia that books fail to notice or give credence for. He does so, on this release, with a more refined musical touch, no overblown histrionics, that holds mass appeal but doesn‚t skimp on the serious message he‚s putting across. A classic release that deserves your attention.

With releases like this coming out, Russia is developing a reputation for being at the forefront of musical invention. Miss this at your peril.


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