CD: Dragon Flight Recordings DFR006 [2000]

Fnord, As Gift
Mercurious Apex-Blue Psyche
Where Ouspensky Failed and Gurdjieff Fled
A Sword into a Cup, as Seven Insects Proclaim
Driven East Line Another's Menace

Vedisni also records as Monstrare, Cordell Klier and KreptKrept.

I will take this opportunity, if I may, to bemoan a pet hate of mine that is sadly endemic in the industrial scene. History remembers those proud individuals who have the courage and conviction to intone their words clarion-clear over tapestries of intricate noise, those Jhon Balances, Blixa Bargelds and Genesis P-Orridges who eventually get to play at venues of the calibre of the Royal Festival Hall or the ICA. History forgets, thankfully, those mealy-mouthed pretenders who mutter and mumble their words into a couple of cheap guitar pedals like Norwegian black-metallers ordering pizza, whose crowning moments of conquering glory will probably occur in the back room of a pub in Finsbury Park in front of thirty punters and a bored landlady. Put up or shut up. If something's worth saying at all, it's worth saying out loud. That said, I really like some of the backing music on this album. Five long, symphonic soundscapes explore a broad spectrum of frequencies, textures, dissonant harmonies and motoric rhythms. But next time, hide the vocalist's pisspoor fuzzbox, or at least swap it for a decent harmonic flanger or some single-sideband processors. Or a kazoo or something.


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