CD: War Office Propaganda WOP 19 [2005]

La Marche
I'm Uprooted From It
From The Bunker
The First And The Last

Ecuador. Germany. For you Poland the World Cup dream is over. Again. The perennial underachievers limp home with another lacklustre display of football ineptitude. Another major competition. Another early exit. But at least they got there. Unlike the Scottish football team that I support. Where losing and not qualifying for anything has become, sadly, a way of life. On the plus side of things the Polish record labels (Beast of Prey & War Office Propaganda to name a couple), continue with their slow world domination by releasing ever more impressive and dynamic releases on an almost monthly basis. So finally there’s something for them to cheer about at last. The Well of Sadness "I’m Uprooted from it" is another prime example of why the Polish record labels releases are held in such high esteem by those fortunate enough to encounter them.

"I’m Uprooted from it" is the third release from Italian Daniele Giustra and features ten tracks with 40+ minutes of misanthropic (his words) dark martial / neo-folk / neo-classical music for your listening pleasure. He mixes the themes of joyous rapture and redemption with sullen despondency and failure in an almost passion filled mystical setting. Singing / reciting his lyrics in that deep typical European fashion - powerful but never overpowering - his voice becoming a tool with which he carves and creates the backdrop to his music. The vocals tinged with the air of a figure of authority who questions his every motive and action. Words though need an appropriate soundtrack to back them up and bring them to life. Daniele incorporates simply strummed guitar, harsh pounding drums, melodic electronics, dramatic elegant orchestrations, crashing cymbals and so much more into his divinely executed music. Each track a multi-layered creation tantalisingly revealing more with each co nsecutive visit. Even the more simplified tracks belying what’s hidden beneath. Sombre and highly poignant the music is full of apocalyptic atmospheres which touch the heart and soul. A creative beautiful piece of music that has that timeless quality about it that marks it out as an outstanding achievement for the artist.

Forget Maradonna’s hand of God. "I’m Uprooted from it" is touched by the hand of God. A release of immense beauty that will convert you to the Well of Sadness way. Simply stunning, highly entertaining and engrossing it delivers on every front. The slinky Italian outfoxing everyone with his skills. Back of the net. We realise we’ve just witnessed something very special that will forever be remembered. A legend has come of age and fulfilled the potential that was prophesised for him. Poland and Italy united, at long last, in victory together.


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