MCD: Der Angriff 021

Von Thronstahl

Return to Palestine
Wlassow, Prokoviev & Siberian Winters
Russian Traditional

The Days of the Trumpet Call

Victims (of Work Version)
Wellen Der Zeit
Lebendige Menschen

Both bands featured on this split need little introduction among fans of Martial Folk/Industrial, each band comes with 3 new and exclusive tracks (so far).

The album opens with Von Thronstahl, the first two tracks can fit into a similar description, a sequel of what they did on "Imperium Internum" military inspired neo classical epic with minor industrial beats that should apeal to fans Puissance or the more melodic songs of Wappenbund; followed by Russian Traditional song whose original name wasn't readable.

The Second part of the split shows a different facet from The Days of the Trumpet Call (at least from what I know), melancholic, with acoustic and electric guitars and neo classical synths, germanic voice samples and a woman speaking in Russian creates a great atmosfere, hard to trace a paralel.

There are only two problems with this album, first it's only 22 minutes long, and makes you frustrated desiring more of this great piece, and second they are charging a full length price for it.


[The Days Of The Trumpet Call] / [Von Thronstahl]

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