MCD: Drama And Sin Company [2004]

Into A Dream
Los Duendes Del Reloj
Ordo Militum Christi
Nocturnal Dance of the Dragonfly

"Ever felt you’ve been cheated?" Mr Rotten spat out at the last ever Sex Pistols gig. Yeah Johnny boy I do. This opus, and I’m being ever so slightly sarcastic, clocks in with a humungous 11 minutes of music. Eleven fuckin’ minutes. Trobar De Morte you do spoil us so. To put this out in a full jewel case and normal sized CD seems like the piss take to end all piss takes. Couldn’t they have at least filled up more of the space left with…well…anything really? Bah humbug.

But my rage ends as quickly as it starts when I hear once again the beautifully elegant music that Trobar De Morte makes. Sumptuous classical compositions, with a slight medieval edge, glide and beguile as the voice of an angel speaks and sings from on high. The music and vocals actually bring tears to my eye every time I hear it. If ever a recording had that ‘something special and outstanding’ factor that so many recordings seek to achieve then Trobar De Morte have hit the bulls eye with "Nocturnal Dance of the Dragonfly".

If you’re a fan of neo-classical / medieval / heavenly voice music you must put this top of your shopping list. Eleven, far too short but blissful, minutes of euphoria that demands to be experienced by discerning music lovers everywhere.


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