CD: Drama And Sin Company DAS018 [2005]

El Vals de las Hadas de Otoño
Natural Dance
When the Night Falls
Los Duendes del Reloj
Cuncti Simus Concanentes
La Princesa Dolça de Provença
Ailein Duinn
The Deadly Embrace of Love
Ordo Militum Christi
Las Puertas del Cielo
A Fairies Song
When the Spirits Sing

You may already be familiar with the orotund voice of eld that crests the spire of Trobar de Morte, which is none other than Lady Morte of Ordo Funebris, whose cerements in this incarnation are not so dissimilar in this, Trobar de Morte’s first full length vista from Spain. The purlieu of style is firmly in the realms of folk and re-enacted medieval music yet despite the album’s rather benevolent moniker it enters well traversed ground with respect and lucency that establishes a rapport of lofty craftsmanship deserving.

Fairydust is full of a platter of style and arrangement rich in velveteen arabesque and embroidered curlicue, a tapestry that is a veritable landscape of gothic and neo-classicism expressed in dense weft of instrument and multipart vocal line. Dirges plow familiar medieval secular and sacred melody, accompanied by pan flute and warm reed, heavenly finger cymbals, punctilious percussion, the warm glow of classical guitar, and a host of other musical faces that while forming a crowd breathe room not just for Lady Morte’s symphony of voice but for each instruments’ interwoven dovetailing. The natural elements play their own part, whether as the ocean crashing backdrop for Celtic tale to the subtleties of the forest peeking behind the musicians voices, all a part of nature and the ancient respect for it.

A limited edition of 1000 copies as digipak, a visual gourmand’s utter delight with a sixteen page booklet adding to the otherworld encapsulated on disc.


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