CD: Eternal Soul ES CD05 [2006]
Ltd x 888 Normal Edition
Ltd x 111 Special Edition

Le Crépuscule Des Dieux
On Wings Of Steel
Roses 4 Rome
Kingdom Of The Blind
Heaven & Hell
The Inevitable Farewell Of Democracy
Sun & Reign

Since last November, when ES label boss Volker (who is also a live member of Triarii) informed me that recording had begun for their second album, I've been an excited bunny. Their last full-length "Ars Militaria" [read review here] has been a thorough favourite on my MP3 player since it's release in 2005 and I'm hoping "Pièce Héroique" lives up to the standard of it's predecessor. Maybe it's fate that I'm reviewing this exactly 1 year to the day later!

From the opening, I'm enraptured. 'Le Crépuscule Des Dieux' is an enchanting orchestral piece with gentle female choirs and uplifting strings. Then we get down to the real business with 'On Wings Of Steel'. This is a forceful and bombastic, Martial Industrial anthem that gets the blood stirring. Add Triarii's new-found demonic vocals to the mix and this becomes apocalyptic perfection - and easily my favourite track on the release. 'Roses 4 Rome' features a special appearance by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and there is a real ORE feel to the song with acoustic guitar, Tomas' vocals and a sprinkle of ORE's samples. This, and given the Triarii treatment, this makes for a magical experience. Like 'On Wings Of Steel', 'Heaven And Hell' follows the bombastic route and also gets my vote for extreme listening pleasure. I'm not going to go into every track as I feel I may be repeating my compliments thus far.

"Pièce Héroique" combines the best parts of "Ars Militaria" with a new vibrancy witnessed on every track. Some of the samples are kept on here, weaving a fine silver thread between this and the previous release, but overall this is a fresh and more refined opus. The mere fact that this is mastered by In Slaughter Natives should give you an indication of the depths you can expect.

With "Pièce Héroique" Triarii now stand above the rabble in the field of Martial / Orchestral Industrial music. Gone are the obvious influences they wore on their sleeve on "Ars Militaria". Here they become a force to be reckoned with and a heroic pearl to behold. Surely one of the finest releases of the year (and I don't think I'm jumping the gun here). I'm also very pleased to say that Eternal Soul have saw fit to release this in a much larger edition of 999 copies.


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