CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR030 [2006]
Ltd x 100

You Are My Jonky

Torturing Nurse… kind of reminds me of Nurse with Wound name wise… but there the similarities end. Based in China and with a fucking HUGE back catalogue of DIY stuff this is their first appearance in AP and on the Roil Noise record label…home to all the freaks. Never has a group (here comprising of Youki and Junky) summed up better the Roil Noise attitude to putting out all encompassing uncompromising music. You are going to like this…not a lot.

Featuring two tracks with a 40+ minutes run time their ideas are very simple. One: play excessive extreme electronics at full volume. Two: Shout and scream utter gibberish over the noise. I should end the review right there but I know Jo would be pissed off if I didn’t write some more words. Although what else I can write I don’t know.

To pad things out a bit I’ll discuss the two tracks. That should use up some space. Track 1: 'You are my Jonky'. Runs for 21 minutes. Seems longer. Much, much longer. Lots of loud whooping and hollering set over high frequency squeals and bone crunching sonics with additional crashing cymbals. Track 2: 'Schizophrenia'. Just under 20 minutes. A blessed relief after the first track. Not so heavy on the ear. With almost a jazz like feel in places. Or it could be that after the first track my ears are too fucked to pick up on anything anymore. The electronics are quieter. And there’s a moothy (or mouth organ) being played. A first for this type of recording. Plus lots of grunting etc. Still hard to get through though.

Who the fuck would actually want to play this more than once I don’t know. It goes straight into the ‘too strange even for me pile’ of releases currently cluttering my record collection. Roil Noise has been known to test my patience before with some of their releases and none more so here. Apart from that great name I’ll be pleased if I never have to listen to another Torturing Nurse release ever again. An acquired taste that definitely won’t appeal to the majority.

PS…Jo. If for some strange unknown reason you ever receive another Torturing Nurse release in for review please send it to someone else. I’m begging you here. Let some other poor fucker face their music next time. I've done my penance thanks.


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