CD: 205 Recordings 004 [2003]

Testament I
Fran Morkret Stiga VI
Testament II
Among Us
My Will
Liebste Klara
Testament III
Dr Weiskopf Lebt
Testament IV

This is the third and last in the "Europe" trilogy from the group. The packaging and content has a distinctive Laibach / Stermwerk feel to it. Again, concentrating on European military history, from which to derive inspiration. The inspiration behind this music has less of a cheese factor compared to Laibach. Check the background to it on the website.

Unlike Laibach and Stermwerk, this has a stronger drone element to it and there is a greater continuity to the rhythm compared to Stermwerk. Musically there is nothing new in this recording, but melody, rhythm and production are excellent. Couple to this some great samples and a fabulous package and you have a great album that should be part of any industrialist’s music collection.


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