3" CDR: Misanthrope Studio MS008 [2004]
Ltd x 200

Little Little Bitch
I Was A Man
One For Me
I Made Love With Myself...Now I'm Dead

Welcome back ...Today' I’m Dead. Just when I thought that this Italian artist had disappeared off the face of earth and was just another in a long line of defunct acts along comes this 3" CDR with one final bow to an appreciative audience. Anyone who has had the intense experience of hearing any of the previous Today I’m Dead releases including: "Anatomy of Melancholy", "I close my Eyes" & "Menstrual Gold" will know what to expect from this release.

Comprising of 5 tracks, one each from the compilations "Inquinamento Acustico vol.1" and “Don't Hunt What You Can't Kill" and two previously unreleased and one live track, this is 19+ minutes of power electronics madness gone haywire. ...Today, I’m Dead has always had an unhealthy, or so some would say, obsession with death and sexual depravity and this is reflected in the music. From the tortured vocal style and extremities of noise pollution through to the song titles the path to corrupt sexual gratification is a long and arduous path only undertaken by the most sickest fuck. ...Today, I’m Dead jogged that road whilst others crawled along on their knees. Never let it be said that this is the easiest music to get into but perseverance pays dividends. Whilst others pretended and play acted out the wacco scenario ...Today, I’m Dead made you believe that he lived it for real…even if it was only in his mind.

5 tracks. 5 pieces of great extreme Death Industrial that are a fitting epitaph to one twisted motherfucker. Experience it. Enjoy it. Savour every last minute of the bruising bedlam. 19 minutes fly by in a flurry of malicious cruel intent. Dead and finally buried. Life just won’t be the same without his twisted viewpoint anymore.


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