CDR: Alluvial [2004]

The River of Writing
The River of Theater
The River of Body
The River of Action

My uncle Hughie likes to molest sheep in his spare time. A strange hobby for sure but as he looks like Shrek after an acid bath I don’t suppose many women are attracted to him so he has to make do with any substitute available. I once asked him why he did it and he simply replied he enjoyed it. To each their own as he says. He also told me how he liked to stick his dick into jars of smooth peanut butter but that was too much information even for me. It did get me thinking though.

Music is a very individual thing. What I may enjoy and consider as an essential purchase many others will dismiss as crap. Take this latest recording by Tidal. As a follow up to the excellent "Golem & Man" on the Manifold label the artist D Brownstead has based "The Four Rivers" on the life of Japanese writer Yukio Mishima who committed ritual suicide in the early 1900’s. In fact if memory serves me right there was an excellent arty farty film made about Mishima that was critically acclaimed on its release and which you’ll find on DVD if you know where to look.

The music on ‘The Four Rivers’ is semi experimental with ambient undertones that like its subject matter is very complex and deep but ultimately very rewarding if you’re willing to go with the flow of artistic interpretation. Starting with a very minimal piece of ever expanding silence that is gradually built on by layer upon layer of electronics the piece has serenity to it undermining the trauma hiding behind the facade. The following 3 tracks continue along in similar vein introducing new elements of sound and structure. Although very dreamlike and surreal in places all four pieces demands concentration from the listener to fully understand what the artist is trying convey with this music. I personally found "The Four Rivers" to be an amazing realisation of ideas and found more to it as I delved deeper into it with repeated plays. What any of you will make of it though is another matter.

As my sheep shagging uncle Hughie would say… "If ye dinnae try it laddie you’ll no know if you’ll like it". Very profound coming from one so twisted.


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