CD: Mute NovaMute 122CD [2004]

Persuasion (Motor remix)
Hot on the heels of love (Carl Craig remix)
What a day (Hedonastik remix)
United (Two Lone Swordsmen remix)
Hamburger Lady (Carter Tutti remix)
Hot on the heels of love (Ratcliffe remix)
Still Walking (Carl Craig remix)
HotHeelsUnited (Carter Tutti remix)

The history of music is continually being re-written. Groups that initially appeared to have no redeeming value get reassessed and are eventually paid their dues. During their short lifespan TG were the pariahs of the music scene. Virtually ignored by the press and criminally underrated they are now, rather belatedly, commanding the respect they should have garnered aeons ago. Since the releases of the two TG live box sets, and I’ll sell my soul to any rich benefactor who wants to send me them, in 2003 & 2004 on Mute they have been name dropped and reviewed in Q and Uncut magazine. This fact alone shows just how attitudes have changed towards the group. "Mutant Throbbing Gristle" takes this elevation to sainthood one step nearer with the darlings of the dance scene reworking the Gristle. There have been reworked compilations of their work before, notably "Entertainment Through Pain" on the RRR label, but none with such a commercial bias. Throbbing Gristle lite if you will.

What people tend to forget is that TG always had a touch of the ‘pop sensibilities’ within their work, thanks to Tutti & Carter, so the only thing surprising about this cd is why its taken so long to come out. Listen to the songs here then play the originals and you’ll see what I mean. ‘Hot on the heels of love’ was a glorious tune but reworked here it becomes a sensually exquisite experience. I can’t dance, unless you call moving like a spastic with a dildo stuck up his ass dancing, but even I would get up on the floor if any of the remixes of ‘Hot on the heels of love’ was played. And who would have thought that ‘Hamburger Lady’ could ever be made into easy listening. That alone is one hell of an achievement. My only gripe is the non appearance of ‘Discipline’, ‘Adrenaline’, and ‘Distant dreams part 2’ but hopefully they’ll appear on a follow up CD. Which, sales and God willing, will happen.

Seek this out and be safe in the knowledge that it’s the only TG record you’ll be able to play in front of your grandparents without giving them a cardiac arrest.


[Throbbing Gristle] / [Mute]

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