CDR: Dead Sea Liner DSL04 [2006]

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You know that thought you sometimes get. The one that creeps into your head. The one that needs answering. The one that says "I know of you. I'm sure of it. I just can't place you". I experience this all the time. Getting old is my excuse. Forgetful I've become on a regular basis. Maybe I've got the start of Alzheimer's disease. Maybe not. How the fuck would I know if I did have it. Answer me that one Doc.

Thirdorgan. Thirdorgan. Thirdorgan. No matter how many times I say that name I can't get my head to fathom out where I've encountered this artist before. I've searched my expansive record collection. A time consuming exercise. Nothing there. Even checked the old ladies collection. Just in case. Still nothing. Yet the name means something to me. That name has been driving me crazy. One day it will come to me. Too late for this review mind. But one day I'll remember. Until then I've only this CDR to act as a guide.

Thirdorgan is the work of Japanese artist Akihiro Shimizu and "Satanico Pandemonium" is the forth release on the highly impressive Dead Sea Liner record label. Another low priced (£2.00, including postage, to you Guv) release that this time falls butter side up on the 'difficult' music side of things.

Comprising of 5 tracks and 40+ minutes of degenerated sounds that are a strain on the brain. Which would lead you to believe that I didn‚t approve of this music that Akihiro has created. Far be me to crash your party but nothing could be further from the truth. Starting with a sample from the great zombie flick Dawn of the Dead as an intro the music then descends into a controlled chaos of electronic hisses, static, glitches, sonic manipulation, avant fuckery and noise collages all tightly tethered together. Pandemonium you seek. Seek no further young Jedi. Can you guess whose been watching the old Star Wars films? Witness the cut and paste of some Japanese pop group being pulled kicking and screaming through a mangle. Experience the 22 minute noise holocaust that constitutes the third track and try regaining your composure after that fucker. Hear this man deconstruct music and rebuild it as an aural nightmare given flesh. The lunatics have finally taken over the asylum. Yet one can‚t help but kind of appreciate all the effort put into producing music that is so far off the scale of normality that it flies in the face of all conventional reason. I mean... who in their right mind could get off on this stuff? Well I could... and did... for starters.

"Satanico Pandemonium‚ is a gas. A blast. A fucked up piece of work that doesn't take itself seriously. No gung ho political or sexual rhetoric to be found on this little beauty. Just plain old noise workouts for the sake of it. For the sheer hell of it. Which is reassuring in a perverse way. Akihiro Shimizu is your everyday, unashamed and proud of it, artist that creates this type of music for all the noise fans out there.

And why not. There's a big market just gagging for more of the same. Akihiro is only delivering what they desire and deserve. Those of a weak constitution should approach with a degree of caution though. "Satanico Pandemonium" will seriously test your patience and fuck you over big time. You'll not find a cheaper introduction to this form of music anywhere. Cheers. I'll drink to that.

Ah ha!! It comes to me. I have heard the name Thirdorgan before. I... wait... no... it's gone again. Fuck!!


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