CD: Middle Pillar MPP977 [2004]

Cold Heart
Blue Fire
The Grail
Out of A Misty Dream
Moon's Own Fire
The Golden Wedding Of Sorrow
Little Plaything
This Infinite Eye

"This Infinite Eye" is the third album by The Mirror Reveals, but my first contact with their work. The first thing that comes to mind when listening to it are some of the bands from the also American label Projekt, names such as Unto Ashes (where the vocalist Kit Messick used to sing), Faith and Disease and even some of the works from Black Tape for a Blue Girl.

The Mirror Reveals music is slow, layered and with nice string works here and there, followed by ethereal female vocals (exception on Moon's on Fire where instead we get a deep male voice and a more Neofolkish sonority). But what distinguishes this album from other bands using similar formula are the small electro beats mixed with the acoustic parts that give a whole new dimension to the songs. As a final note, the album also feature a cover for Death In June's 'The Golden Wedding of Sorrow'.

Overall this album is not exactly my cup of tea, but I must admit there is talent here (and a pretty digipak), and if you're a fan of the other aforementioned bands This Infinite Eye won't disappoint you.


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