CD: Voidstar Productions [2006]
Ltd x 50

Like Skin Boiled Alive
Oxycontin Hangover
Fucker Put A
Plastic Booze Factory

The name gives the game away. Vomit Arsonist. A spewing puking fire starter. Twisted fire starter. Those who think that the music on "Axiom" will be 9 tracks of James…you’re beautiful…Blunt guitar twanging romantic guff need their heads examined pronto. Vomit! Arsonist! The words practically spell out the type of music in huge bloody letters. NOISE. POWER ELECTRONICS. Feel the pain. Wallow in the mire. Go on the highway to Hell. Get your kicks on Route 666. Not all though is as it first seems. Dig deeper and stay the course and things take strange unexpected turns not previously signposted. More of that later. But first…

The Vomit Arsonist is one Andy Grant from Providence RI USA and "Axiom" is his debut CDR release, limited to only 50 copies on the Voidstar Productions record label. The nine tracks have a running time of under 68 minutes and comprise titles such as ‘Like Skin Boiled Alive’, ‘Fucker Put A’, ‘Plastic Booze Factory’ which give a nice feel for the music. Although a predominately Power noise recording "Axiom" does try to be different by incorporating some acoustic experimental and drone / beat driven aspects throughout the work which is appreciated. If I have to live through another turgid noise only release I swear I’ll kill some fucker you mark my words. Luckily "Axiom" is an enjoyable enough excursion into the realms of high deafening aural torture without me resorting to such desperate measures. Andy also scores highly on my like-o-metre by putting in a South Park sample…Cartman is God…which tickled me no end. Easily pleased I know but it’s the little things that count when separating the wheat from the chaff.

As debuts go "Axiom" shows a certain promise for future releases. Andy could possibly do with curtailing the extreme passages…two a penny and very old hat…and concentrate more on the experimental vibrancy he’s shown on here which I found more pleasing than the - even if they are acceptable -‘wall of growling sound’ escapades. As it is the collectors of power electronics music have someone else to add to their growing wish lists of ‘must hears’ and won’t be disappointed in this effort. A name for the future? Definitely. Watch this space.


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