CD: Middle Pillar MPP980 [2005]

A Troubled, Dream-Infested Slumber
Cyclopean Monolith
Return to Innsmouth
The Esoteric Order
The Shadow Over Innsmouth
We Shall Dive Down Through Black Abysses
R’lyeh Rerisen

Horror films will always be popular with the masses. The buzz of seeing nightmarish visions on the wide screen sends pulses racing to the brains core which responds in turn by releasing adrenaline into our system to counteract our fears. A basic primordial survival mechanism unchanged by time. It hasn’t taken long for musicians to realise that through music the same effects, to a slightly lesser degree, can be achieved. Play any descent Dark Ambient piece with eyes closed and the lights out in total darkness and those receptive enough through the power of imagination can conjure up the wildest of visions to make the hairs on the body stand to attention. Subliminal horrors for the taking are only a CD away.

This third release by Jason Wallach, recording as The Unquiet Void, is one such recording. Taking the works of H P Lovecraft, the under / over rated horror writer depending on your viewpoint, as inspiration the eight tracks on "Poisoned Dreams" conjure up a world beset by demons in a hell strewn landscape. Using the bleakest of gloom ridden atmospheres and slight ritual / tribal leanings the music, if you let it, will induce nightmarish visions for your entertainment. Awash with synthesizers / drums / loops he has created a hybrid colossus that will appeal to like minded souls. Blackest ambient for the sickest of tormented souls. The music frizzles with tension and echo’s / reverbs as the heart pounding beats thump out a relentless refrain as the chants of the old ones are solemnly spoken.

Of course the only way to listen to "Poisoned Dreams", and to realise the artists vision, is in dark solitude. Played out this way every note strikes with precision and clarity enlivening the whole experience. To play it any other way will not achieve the same effects and diminishes what is a quintessential dark ambient recording. Fear has never tasted so good.


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