CD: Enochian Records [2005]

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Part V

Jason J Bundy. Remember that name. No relation I hope to uncle Ted. Jason loves the music of Coil, Godflesh, Metallica and Merzbow. Three out of four. Not bad. He loves noise. Lashings and lashings of noise. Just what the world needs just now. Another noise terrorist. Come on then Jason lad. Give me your best shot. Think you can make the grade? Impress me if you dare. Enlighten me to your technical aural skills. I’ve been here before sucker. With bigger egos that I’ve wasted with cruel words. Had them crying like babies in a corner. Pussies. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. Utter bollocks. Call someone a talent-free cunt and just watch them collapse. Deflated. Destroyed. Pathetic mother fuckers one and all. You ready to rumble Jason? Ready to play ball with me? I’ll be ready to call mummy for you. You sad sack of shit. You won’t know what’s hit you. Let’s get it on baby.

Fair play to you Jason boy. I’m bruised and beaten. Took me unawares you did. Sneaky I call it. Hit me straight from the off with a wall of sheer electronic throbbing power noise. I took that first shot well. Showed no fear. The second wave that blasted forth took my breath away though. Wasn’t expecting it. A low blow. Cheater. Unfair referee. Led me like a lamb to the slaughter you did. Thought when the silence of the third track was playing I could recover my breath. Not so. You came straight back with a simple one two of further extreme electronic terror. You’re one sly fox and I’m the chicken in the henhouse. Don’t get too big headed. You might have whooped my ass this time but you aren’t original in any shape or form. Sure you can play a mean game. Played the noise card to perfection. Four parts ‘fuck you’ electronics to one part silence. Smart. Never had you pegged as that. I’ll be watching you. Watching every move you make in the future. Seeing if you’ve got the stamina to continue along your chosen path. Then I’ll pounce. You’ll be fucking sorry one day. Until then relax. You’ve got the Heavyweight belt round your ample waist. Earned by a deserved victory with ‘Ritual Musick to end Christianity’. But will you keep it? Only time will tell.


[Slavestate Sound System]

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