CD: The Green Man [2004]

Baptism By Sea
Death Is Before Me
Amanita Muscaria
Adam And Eve
Death Of Reason

Newly into the HauRuck!SPQR fold, The Green Man, is another Italian neo-folk group that will undoubtedly add more glamour to its verdant fold of artists. This CD, while distributed by HauRuck! is an entirely self-produced release, though the 10” green vinyl "Irem" is due for release shortly.

"From Irem to Summerisle" glistens an attention to quality and audio fidelity that many signed acts can barely broach, proficiently mixed and mastered, the album, while short, is worth its weight in gold. The songs wield pagan sword through middle-eastern sinuosity; saltant rhythms elude comfortable familiarity fluted with pristine samples, flutes weave snake-like strands of melodic maqam. The percussive elements are decidedly organic, varied in timbre and dynamics serving the music far more than an untalented and repetitive beat. The vocals monologue pagan virtues and poem, a strong voice that calls to mind the weird ramblings of a Coil or Bauhaus’ sermon, and at times break into harmonic voice bedded on familiar flamenco-esque guitar and industrial slats. For all its neo-folk trappings, the album has almost industrial backbone, definitively dark and furrowed. Yet again, another potent potentate under the HauRuck! banner.

Full colour jewelcase disc with a four page booklet, interior art featuring pagan imagery and some of the lyrics.


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