CD: Asaurus [2004]

In May
Summer for Spring

The CD opens with abrasive static and feedback with some faint piano notes supplying a vague melody. This is a highly abrasive track that develops slowly with some additional percussion supplied by bells and gongs. The track continues along a similar pathway utilising both mid and high frequency tones. The high frequencies eventually subside to yield a more guttural soundscape from where a more prominent melody emerges via vocal and keyboard generated sound. Some nice bird song samples are also thrown into the melting pot to good effect here. 'Statuette' opens powerfully with abrasive synthesised tones with vocal melody over the top. The track continues with some nice melody using abrasive sound sources to generate a strong overall effect (a bit like Troum, but quicker evolving melody and different chord progressions). This fades gradually to the end of the track leaving nothing but faint background soundscape utilising water sounds. 'Lillian' has a slow opening with low frequency tones and oscillations accompanied by the occasional percussive effect. Some nice use of vocal effects here also. Again the melody supplied in this track is slow and rhythm is sparse. This slowly decays and leads into the final track. 'Summer For Spring' picks up the activity and using sounds generated from chimes/bells layered over a deep drone-scape. Additional abrasive textures are added here and allow the track to fade. The track then changes direction with the introduction of a more conventional sound using guitars percussion and vocals. (Oh, and a couple of bird cheep samples). Interesting combination.


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