CD: Hau Ruck! HR!77 [2005]

Anima Obscura
Dolor Y Sangre
Le Reve
Desert Ground

"Premonitions"’ is the forth release for Terroritmo and forms a conceptual release, focusing on: a) the realities perceived between sleeping and awakened states, and b) interpretations of the symbolism inherit within various dreams. Interestingly the sleeve notes indicate that some potions of tracks were recording immediately after waking in an attempt to capture the essence of preceding dream, whilst others were recorded in the small hours in an endeavour to move close to a sleep induced state.
Armed with an extensive list of instruments (traditional, home made and found objects) Terroritmo set about to achieve their aims, with the resultant musical explorations presenting an album of quite old school ritualistic experimental atmospheres. Dissonant percussive rhythms, tribal beats, hazy electronic whines and chanted vocals all congregate in loose semi-improvisational patterns. On one hand the more subtle tracks work rather well in appropriating the lucidity of a nightmarish dreamscapes, whilst the heavier percussive pieces alternately move towards a tribal industrial sphere.

Across 8 tracks and 62 minute passage of time, Terroritmo have created an interesting album, certainly commendable, but unfortunately not essential listening.


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